Voices of "communities"

Jayaraman, an organic farmer and president of organic farmers society in Urani village “ We are very passionate that growing organic food , We are around 50 farmers in our village committed to the organic farming , ICEI/Overseas has worked with us to uplift our farming families, now as descendant, Ecowave has been supporting us , marketing of our prodcuts was very challage in those days, now we have a better deal , Not only organic agriculture, Ecowave promotes agro- tousim in our villages, tousits are coming to our village and observe our organic gardens and the way of farming , we serves meals with traditional hospitality, it creates an income for our families and the society. “
A.B.Aboobacker is a paddy farmer and a member of sustainable paddy farmers’ society in Palamunai village, Addalaichenai, dedicated to cultivate traditional rice with eco-friendly practices. “Our society was established by ICEI/Overseas with the support of the Department of Agriculture, so I joined as a member of the society. Through their project, I have participated to many training programmes and farmer field schools, I am well aware of environmental problems and health issues created by heavy use of agro-chemicals in our paddy fields, so now I prefer to cultivate traditional rice with eco friendly practices. Ecowave has continuously been supporting us in many ways: to get inputs, to market our paddy harvest and so on.”
Sujatha Herath (44) who is a mother of 03 children from Heeloya Village, initial president of the Village farmers Society. Heeloya was one of the villages in Kandy District selected for ICEI/OVERSEAS's project. "Our village gained numerous benefits through the project activities specially with organic home gardening and organic traditional paddy cultivation; the concept of "organic" was a new thing to us. We were given many trainings and participated in number of workshops, now we adore it and try to sustain our farming practices ".

Sujatha is a member of the village’s community guides team too, Community Based Tourism is another component of the project. Sujatha says , “We never knew our village could attract tourists, it was through the project we have identified our resources and importance of the village. For many, including myself, the visit to the water fall in the village for the first time was through the project. We were aware of the waterfall, but until the project we didn’t see any importance of it. Today we feel proud when tourist’s say – You have a beautiful village. Tourism activities bring income for many members in our village and tourists are also happy for our services, above all the natural beauty of our village.We hope with "Ecowave” to continue the success we have gained so far and to improve the village and its people’s livelihoods in a sustainable manner".