Other Products

Kithul Treacle

It is traditionally produced from Caryota urens L (Kithul) sap, as a natural product with no preservatives or additives. It has been used as a sweetener for many centuries and it has been used in sweet foods, drinks, confectionery and some medicinal preparation such as Arista (Ayurvedic tonic). It is also one of the best healthy alternatives to granular sugar. This type of Kithul Palm is grown naturally in the Kandyan home gardens of our farmers.

Bee Honey

We pack and market pure wild honey collected naturally from Panama and Lahugala forest and nearby flora in the east coast of Sri Lanka

Compost and Plants

High-quality compost and plants are produced by our Integrated Agriculture Units, in three villages of Ampara District, managed by the trained and experienced community

Seed Paddy ( High Yield & Heirloom Variety)

We produce and market high quality certified seed paddy . Ecowave is registred as Seed Handler under the Seed Act No.22 of 2003 by Department of Agriculture of Sri Lanka.

We also support community based seed producers associations for the their marketing and quality seed paddy programs.

Ecowave is proud to be a high quality heirloom (traditional) seed paddy producers in Sri Lanka amidst the concern of non availability of high quality traditional seed paddy in Sri Lanka.We purify the traditional seed paddy using high efficient seed cleaner and pack with all other standard seed requirements.

King Coconut

King Coconut Natural Drink It is served in our outlet and distributed to potential customers. It is considered a healthy beverage as it has many benefits to maintain human health, for which it is known as “fluid of life”.