Our History

Ecowave (Guarantee) Limited is established upon positive experiences and lessons learnt of the works of two International NGOs, ICEI and Overseas. It was set up as an exit strategy by ICEI and Overseas in order to carry forward the actions and provide high-end market opportunities for the community products, thus ensuring the sustainability of community actions carried out so far. ICEI is a non-profit organization committed to international solidarity, development cooperation, research and training. It was founded in 1977, to carry out research and training on issues East-West and North-South economic development. Overseas is a non-profit association incorporated in 1974 by notary deed with legal status conferred by DPR n.285, of 9th of January 1984. Overseas has been authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy to promote technical cooperation projects in developing countries and is currently working in Italy, Sri Lanka, Palestine, India, Brazil, Kenya and Sierra Leone. ICEI and Overseas have been working in Sri Lanka since 2005, when they first came to the country to support the recovery from dramatic consequence of tsunami in 2004; subsequently the strategy of the organization shifted to the development of sectors such as sustainable agriculture and responsible tourism. ICEI and Overseas pioneered the social enterprise model in remote areas of the Central and Eastern Province and created the foundation for Ecowave to operate. Ecowave will carry forward the success of ICEI/Overseas work, while safeguarding the already established social benefit programs. Ecowave (Gte) Ltd is a completely independent entity incorporated by The Companies Act, No 7 of 2007 of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as a Company Limited by Guarantee.