We undertake consultant assignments for the following innovative actions

1. Organic Edible Landscaping

It is specially designed for hoteliers engaged in hospitality industry who like to introduce “green” aspect but giving add value for front yard of any premises.
Organic Edible Landscaping is the thoughtful arrangement of edible plants in the landscape to maximize their aesthetic appeal, production with organic farming practices

The benefits you gain:

2. Constructed wetland: Phyto-remediation system

It is the natural process of water purification simulated in constructed lagoon. A cost effective and less maintenance system without the requirement of energy.

We are the first ever professionals specialized in this subject area in Sri Lanka collaborated with IRIDRA( which a society founded in 1998 by the professionals in biology , chemistry , engineering with multi-years experience in sustainable water management and in particular in treating waste water by natural extensive systems like as Constructed Wetland. We did our first constructed wetland for the newly constructed dairy factory at the University of Peradeniya.

Ideal for any type of industries to treat the effluent including food processors and hoteliers.

3. Consultancy services on Food, Agriculture, Environmental and Community     Development Projects.

We offer A to Z consultancy services and contracts on Food, Agriculture, Environmental and Community Development Projects to private Investors, Commercial Organizations, Hoteliers and NGOs.